A consistent skincare routine is essential to achieving healthy, beautiful skin. Using the right products in the right order makes a world of difference when it comes to getting your desired results. A general rule of thumb is to apply products in order of consistency, starting with thinner, water-based formulas and finishing with thicker products. The goal is for each product to absorb before layering on the next product. Lightweight formulas, such as serums, are usually quick to absorb compared to heavier products, such as moisturizers.

Read on for our product-layering recommendations in order to help you maximize your skincare routine.


The first step to any effective skin care routine begins with cleansing the skin. Start your day by washing your face with lukewarm water and using an appropriate cleanser for your skin type. In the evening, you may opt to double cleanse your skin to allow for optimal removal of oil, dirt, and make-up.


Once your skin is clean and dry, the next step is to apply toner. Toners function 1) to remove any oil or dirt that remains after cleansing and 2) to act as a delivery system for more concentrated treatments, like serums, that you apply later in the routine.


These nutrient-dense products help address a variety of skin concerns by delivering highly-concentrated formulations of active ingredients, such as antioxidants. Serums are a key component to achieving healthy-looking, radiant skin.


The delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first areas to show visible signs of aging. Consistently using an eye cream can improve or prevent some fines lines in this area and help improve skin quality as well.


This is the step where you may use targeted therapies such as prescription topical medication or acne spot treatment.


Everyone needs a moisturizer, regardless of skin type. However, what type of moisturizer you use depends on the type of skin you have. Moisturizers are important as they provide extra hydration and a protective barrier for our skin. Often, we use a lighter weight moisturizer as part of our daytime routine, and a thicker lotion or cream for our nighttime regimen.


Sunscreen is a necessity in every skincare routine. It should be the last step in your skincare routine (before make-up). Wearing a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide (minimum of SPF 30) protects you against both UVA and UVB, the ultraviolet rays that are responsible for skin cancer.

In addition to our daily skincare guide, we also recommend other beneficial products throughout the week. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, use a gentle exfoliator as well as a face masque once or twice weekly (not on the same days) to optimize your skin care routine.  Exfoliation help to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface while a face masque can help draw out skin impurities and improve uneven skin tone.  Both of these skincare enhancements allow for even better results with our daily skin care routine and help us attain beautiful, radiant-looking skin.