How to fight maskne

Most of us acne-prone folks have a love-hate relationship with our COVID-19 masks.  We love it because it’s an inexpensive, easy, and a no-brainer solution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 – protecting each other from this virus.  Yet, the mask can also feel like an enemy because our acne is having a field day under there.

The combination of compression of fabric on the face, a hot, moist environment, bacteria from irregular cleaning, and the moisture-absorbing quality of disposable masks can all lead to worsening skin conditions.

If your acne is worsening under your mask, try first wiping your face with Skin Wise Organics Purifying Botanical Toner using either a cotton ball or pad to help rid the skin of dirt, oil, and acne-causing bacteria.  Formulated with organic white willow bark, this toner provides a great natural option for acne-prone skin.  For those with oily skin who are battling acne, wash your face with  Skin Wise Organics Deep Gel Cleanser for a nice, refreshing clean.  Another great option is to use a clay masque once a week to help achieve and maintain clear, healthy skin. Skin Wise Organics Purifying Detox Masque is a non-drying clay masque that is also enriched with soothing minerals and extracts to balance and calm skin.

If your acne is caused by overly dried-out skin, typically from the use of disposable masks, it’s extremely important to moisturize! Check out our shop to find the right moisturizer for you.

Also, remember to try different materials or styles of masks and use only scent-free and dye-free detergents to clean your mask.  Sometimes, changing the type of mask you wear and minimizing the irritants in detergents you use can help improve your skin, too!



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